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News 2021
All of the projects that received donations in 2021 by the Guitars Support Children Foundation have reported to be very happy with the donation. One project abroad can assign a teacher for the children for a whole year by the GSCF donation!
Kinderhulp and the Foundation  met in Deventer, 28th August 2021. See below for pictures of the projects.
The Guitars Support Children Foundation has distributed funds for 2021 (postponed from 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic) to the following projects working for the benefit of children:

Roberta’s Nursery in Machinjiri, Malawi.  Donation of Euro 1250,-
Roberta’s Nursery is a kindergarten for 45 children, founded in 2012. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in East Central Africa.
The daily program for the children consists of playing and learning several skills: colouring, cutting, writing and reading simple letters and numbers, dancing and musical activities. They also brush their teeth every morning and have breakfast. On Friday’s all the children take a shower.
​The kindergarten functions as a role model in the community. In fact, instead of being left alone to wander in the streets, the children in the school get the necessary care which will give them a big head start in later education.

Yuvalok Child, Bangalore, India.  Donation of Euro 1250,-
The mission of Yuvalok Child is to  empower each child and young person fulfill his/her highest potential, to live and work with dignity, hope and compassion. Place of action is Bangalore, India. Yuvalok helps prevent children from being forced to perform child labour in order to eat. YuvalokChild has helped build a school to provide education for he children.
Yovalok Child www.yuvalokchild.nl is linked to Yuvalok Foundation www.yuvalok.org

Matunda, Nairobi, Kenia.  Donation of Euro 1250,-
Children living in the slums of Nairobi suffer from hunger, a lack of medical care, and little or no education.  Matunda Orphans Community Center was started in 2007 in de neighborhood Soweto Kayole. This varied and colorful group of children is called Matunda, Swahili for fruit. The name also symbolizes the fragility of these children, and points out that they need to be cared for now. Matunda now has about twenty kids under her care between 3 and 16 years old. The name was later changed to Matunda Community Centre in both countries to reflect the fact that not all the children are orphans. The kids get meals, medical care as needed, and are given simple schooling if they are not able to attend school. The kids for whom we have sponsors are able to go to the nearby public elementary school.
There is always an opportunity for the kids to come, talk, and play. Just having someone to talk to and to lean on means a lot to these kids. When necessary, and possible, she coordinates and refers children to other organizations – for example, kids that are HIV-positive, or those who do not have a place to live.

Pictures published with permission from Matunda Orphans Community Center

Kinderhulp, The Netherlands. Donation of Euro 1250,-
1 in 12 children in The Netherlands grows up in poverty. Kinderhulp helps with small and larger presents. A warm wintercoat, a bike, a book to read, clothing, a day out……. anything that can empower children and prevent social isolation. Over 100.000 children have received support in 2020!
Erna Metz-Koudstaal (Kinderhulp) and David van Ooijen (treasurer of the Foundation) met at a concert by Nederlands Bach Consort, featuring David on guitar, at the Lebuineskerk in Deventer, 28th August 2021.
1 in 12 children in The Netherlands grow up in poverty and Erna assured us that the donation by the Foundation will make some children in The Netherlands happy with help from Kinderhulp.

All funds were transferred 2nd of July 2021
David van Ooijen, treasurer of the Foundation and Erna Metz-Koudstaal, Kinderhulp

Jazz Pauletta 2021; project guitar for 2021
'This too shall pass'

The Pauletta 2021 is a project guitar, a guitar refeflecting on the temporary nature of the human condition. Materials and parts are chosen to contribute to this notion. Read more about it here.

In August 2020 the Board made a preliminary selection about which goals to support in 2020. The plan was to meet at the end of the year to make decisions; that did not happen for several reasons, the most important one being the pandemic. To make important decisions over Zoom or WhatsApp communication was not going to work.

The plan now is that the Board will meet in July 2021 and then make decisions about the goals to support.
The first year was succesful in fund raising;  more then 2000 euro from donations and 3000 euro from Slaman Guitars.  So more than 5000 Euro in total.
The Foundation is very well received by the guitar playing community.
We thank you all for your support of the Foundation.

Daniel Slaman, president
Sylvia van der Lubbe, secretary
David van Ooijen, treasurer

January 16th, 2021

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