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News 2023
4 projects received a donation from the Guitars Support Children Foundation in 2023. The donation will help them to continue and expand the good work for children.See below for the supported projects.

The Guitars Support Children Foundation has distributed funds for 2023 to the following projects working for the benefit of children:

Stichting Amazone Kinderen, Bolivia  (Amazone Children Foundation)  Donation of 1000,- Euro
Stichting Amazone Kinderen offers a future for underpriviliged children. Their mission is to support poor families in Bolivia, in particular the children, to offer help for better education, medical care and projects to improve the life standard and quality of life of the families. The ultimate goal is to break the chain of poverty.

Tjommie, South-Africa     Donation of 1000,-  Euro
In South-Africa, 'Tjommie' means 'friend'. In South Africa millions of children live in townships with a lost youth  and a hopeless future. Violence, abuse, malnutrition and crime are  problems they are facing on a daily base. Our local NGO partner  organization Ndlovu Care Group has developed an approach that addresses  the problems at the root. Tjommie supports their child aid projects that  help children improve their health and living conditions and gives them  a chance to develop into healthy, responsible and employable South  African people.

Madalief, Madagascar  Donation of 1000,- Euro
The Foundation Madalief (formerly Fazazoma), was  born out of love and empathy for the children of Madagascar. Madalief is  a non-profit organization which aims to give the most disadvantaged  children in Madagascar a chance for a better future.
It started as a cooperative partnership with a  local partner, but five years later it has become a foundation that  supports multiple projects and programmes in Madagascar.

Clini Clowns, The Netherlands   Donation of 1000,-  Euro
Clini Clowns are 'healt Care Clowns' that perform the Art of Contact with hospitalized children. So they can forget for a moment about their illness and deminish stress and anxiety.
The positive experience of a visit by the Clini Clowns helps to recover from illness. Clini Clowns are trained professionals that know how to perform with humour, music, improvisation and creativity.

Jazz Pauletta 2021; project guitar for 2021  'This too shall pass'

is SOLD to Spain
All benefits go to the Guitars Support Children Foundation

The Pauletta 2021 is a project guitar, a guitar refeflecting on the temporary nature of the human condition.

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